Dr. Oetker

Come visit Dr. Oetker at the Vaughan Pizzafest!  Dr. Oetker will be giving away free Samples of their new Giuseppe Pizza all weekend long!   Giuseppe Pizzeria pizza is topped with the high quality ingredients you expect from Dr. Oetker.  The Giuseppe  sharing-size pizzas comes in 14 classic varieties, across 3 different crusts: rising crust, thin crust, and thin crust multigrain.

Bring home the taste and smell of your favourite pizzeria.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Outdoor Pizza Ovens is your one-stop destination for wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens. We offer only top of the line stone and brick pizza ovens built with quality and pride in the USA. Our goal is to help you turn your backyard space into an exciting entertaining space where you can cook gourmet pizzas and lots of other delicious dishes.